Charitable NFT Art Collection with the purpose to raise awareness about most prominent issues in modern society

"We are headed for a collapse. We are outstripping the planet's capacity to house us, and we don't appear to have a plan of shifting gear."

Bret Weinstein

"I think dystopian futures are also a reflection of current fears."

Lauren Oliver

"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it."

George Orwell

Collaboration Between The Community and The Team

Join our Discord channel and help us shape the collection, together with talented team all over the world!

Collaborative process every step of the way - community members can propose the concepts everyone is passionate about to cover within the collection, provide feedback on early sketches and drafts within the art creation process, and more...

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What Is This About?


art pieces each displaying 1 issue modern day society is facing


copies of each piece, minted as an NFT


First collaborative community-driven digital art collection in the world!


of the funds directly donated to charities dealing with issues the collection will cover.


of the funds reserved for funding future charitable NFT projectsproposed and decided on by the community


  • 1

    Growing the community & collaborating with team around the world to create art collection pieces. Partnerships with other NFT projects & communities, growing awareness of the project.

  • 2

    Launch! Minting 330 copies of each art piece begins.

  • 3

    70% of collected funds donated to charity. All royalties collected from secondary sales moving forward will be distributed to charity on a monthly basis.

  • 4

    Applications for new NFT projects funded by our 10% allocation are open. Community votes.

  • 5

    Land within Metaverse is bought and building a Dystopia XXI art gallery begins, funded by 10% allocation to "The Gateway" project.

  • 6

    "Utopia XXI" work begins. New collaborative, community-driven art collection. Let's now envision together what the world could look like, and what can we do to push the society in the positive direction.

The Team

Andrej S.
Mike S.
James T.
Creative Lead
Mario K.
Carmina W.


Ravindu M.
Sri Lanka
Farnaz N.


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